The original Race Directors - Phil Rose & John Barker met back in 1999 through their children. They started running together in 2000 and in 2001 decided with some 4 others to run relay-style the Thames Path – 187 miles non-stop. Through their mutual love for running and cycling over the stunning countryside of Goring and Streatley they had the idea of staging an off-road duathlon, which was first held in 2002.

The name Hairy Legs came from John's son when at one of their early planning sessions (one of the few not at the pub) Josh (aged 10 at the time) wanted to help. He was asked to come up with a name – in seconds he replied with Hairy Legs – the course was hairy in places and had three legs – what a genius!

To make Hairy Legs even more of a family event, Little Legs was started in 2005. This is an event aimed for children from 5-11, and then the 3rd challenge Teenage Kicks was started in 2006.

After a break for a couple of years, we were back in 2015 as a cross country running event. The main run loop is a combination of the run and cycle route of the past with the addition of a few extra obstacles. As ever, the key focus is on inclusion for all members of the family and so we're really proud to see the return of the Little Legs and Teenage Kicks races as well.